My name is Mike Blumenkrantz, and I do code super good. Eventually. I heard that people will think I write better code if I blog about it, so I’m here to do the equivalent of posting my gym mirror flexing on Insta.

Everything here is written based on my current understandings of topics, and I won’t be going back to edit if I’ve made mistakes (though I’m certainly interested in hearing about them if I’ve made any!). Similarly, code snippets posted may not reflect code that eventually gets merged, as I’m just blogging while I solve problems.

At present, I work for Valve Corporation. They do games super good. They aren’t represented by anything here, and neither is anyone else I may work for or represent in other capacities.

More Information

After completing a degree in Philosophy, I fell into a deep hole of Open Source contributions and have been trying to escape ever since. I’ve done work on EFL/Enlightenment, the Servo browser, Wayland protocol specifications, ccache, and Mesa drivers among other things.

Also I tried Javascript once but never finished the project I was working on.

Project Information