Another Landmark


As everyone knows, Zink is a fast-moving target. Sometimes it moves so fast that even I don’t fully grasp the weight of some changes as they fly past.

I’m sure you all remember this monumental slide from XDC last year:


Truly a masterpiece that’s impossible to improve upon; don’t @ me.

But Now

Time has passed. Almost a year, some would say. Is that slide still accurate?

Anyone who knows anything about journalism knows that the answer to all rhetorical questions on the internet is always the same.

For Those Of You Not Following Closely

A couple weeks ago, Collabora’s Igor Torrente put up an MR that slid under the rader for most people. Not me, of course, because as a responsible maintainer I carefully review every character in every line of code in every file for every patch in every MR tagged with my driver(s).

And I’m Not The Only One

Because the great Adam Jackson and Daniel Stone also got D E E P into this one. By which I mean they commented.

And approved.

So Many Headers

It’s the equivalent of clickbait on a blog. But why—


That’s Right.

Written on August 4, 2023