New Quarter, New Branch

Just a quick post to sum up all the new features and things to watch for in zink for 23.1:

  • real ARB_separate_shader_objects support
    • but only for VS+FS
  • improved async shader compile
    • zero stuttering in most modern games!
  • improved memory utilization
    • no more ooming in 32bit games!
      • unless you are @mbriar
  • improved performance
    • oversynchronization reduced
      • very safe
        • trust me
    • internal rendergraphing now more aggressive
      • polar coordinates only tho
    • GL_QUADS natively suppored
      • I still don’t understand how geometry shaders work
    • EXT_multisample_render_to_texture now uses VK_EXT_multisampled_render_to_single_sampled
    • EXT_descriptor_buffer is now the default for descriptor handling
  • NV_compute_shader_derivatives support
    • does anything use this?
  • perfetto trace marker support
    • find your own perf bottlenecks!
  • lots more ZINK_DEBUG options for debugging
    • none of them help performance so don’t bother
  • lots of refactoring
    • pointlessly moving code around to provide the illusion of activity


Has anyone else heard that Alyssa is going to Dyson to work on some new vaccuum tech? This is upending everything I thought I knew, but the source seems credible.

Written on April 12, 2023