Friday Updates

Team Updates

A number of members of my team at Valve don’t blog, and I like to bring visibility to their work when I can. Here’s a quick roundup of what some of them have been doing, in no particular order.

Or maybe from most important work to least important work.

You decide.


After another week of heroic work, his implementation of VK_EXT_descriptor_indexing for Lavapipe has finally passed CI. This means it will probably be merged within the next week or two.

Given that Dave Airlie is practically done with his VK_EXT_mesh_shader (it draws multiple triangles now), this means the only thing remaining for full VKD3D-PROTON functionality on Lavapipe is sparse binding. I think.

Which begs the question: will Lavapipe get sparse binding support before Intel?

It’s depressing, it seems impossible given how many years we’ve all been waiting, and we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, but we already know the answer.


Another of our well-monitored raytracing wranglers, Friedrich has managed to escape the from his designated habitat extremely comfortable work environment to do something unrelated to the tracing of rays.

Specifically, he started a blog, and it’s got just the right mix of extremely serious content and extremely seriouser content to make for a great read.

I have high hopes for the future of his content provided we can get him back on target. Unfortunately the most recent sightings have been in dangerous proximity to the RADV pipeline defrobulator infrastructure, which doesn’t bode well for anyone’s safety.


I would never accuse Samuel of taking time off. This is a man who, when he goes grocery shopping, carries a tablet in one hand so he can continue implementing extensions while he sifts through produce. This is a guy who, when he goes through airport security, gets asked to review the metal detectors rather than walk through them. This is an individual who, when he takes time off, brings his laptop with him to rebase his plethora of code refactoring branches.

What I’m trying to say is it was a great week for code refactoring.


This individual has a blog but refuses to post about their employment status until a prominent news site covers it first.

Well, Captain Code Deletion, consider this news C O V E R E D.

We’re glad to have you deleting things here after your brief and questionably-successful stint at Twitter.


I had some other stuff I was gonna blog about, but everyone’s already gotta click through to Friedrich’s post, and it’s long, so I’m gonna save it. Because I’ve totally got that content. And it’s ready. And I could post it. But also it’s Friday? And Capricorn is in the ascendant–you know what that means.

Yeah. Great post.

Written on May 12, 2023