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It’s been a while.

I meant to blog. I meant to make new zink-wip snapshots. I meant to shower.

Look, none of us are perfect, and I’m just gonna get into some graphics so nobody remembers how this post started.


Boom, beautiful triangles. Look at that ultra smooth fps in mangohud. Protip: if you’re seeing weird flickering or misrenders in your app/game, try throwing mangohud in front of the zink bus to see if it fixes them.

So what has been going on for the past however since the last post?

In a word: lots.

Here’s the rundown.

The Rundown

The 20210517 zink-wip snapshot is the biggest one in history. I say this with no exaggeration.

Changes since the last snapshot include:

  • an imperial units (and I measured this precisely) fuckton of general driver overhead reduction
  • (yet another) queue/dispatch rewrite, this one more optimized for threaded and multi-context use
  • an actually working disk cache implementation
  • an entire suballocator

One way or another, this is going to feel like a new driver. Ideally I’ll be doing a post every day detailing one of the items on that list, but for now I’ll close the post by saying that zink should be 100%-1000% faster (not a typo) in most scenarios where it was previously much slower than native GL drivers.

Yeah, Big Triangle knows who we are now.

Written on May 18, 2021