New Era


For those of you who weren’t present, Super Good Code took over XDC last week.

The recording of The Talk is finally sliced, diced, and tuned to perfection thanks to the work of Arkadiusz Hiler. Watch it for the first time all over again to catch all the technical details and workout tips you missed.

Additionally, the slides for the presentation are available for benchmarking.

But How

…is something from last week even relevant today, you might be asking.

It’s a reasonable question. As everyone knows, zinkland is a place that changes so rapidly, so furiously, that memes from as recent as minutes ago are already outdated.

But in this rare case, for today only, yesterweek’s presentation is still noteworthy today: today is the day I’m merging async pipeline precompiles.

That’s right.

Drivers supporting all the required features will now be able to precompile shaders for AAA games during loading screens, which (probably) means zero stuttering during actual gameplay. The era of gaming on zink begins today.

For Some

Not all drivers support all the features out of the box. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, only the latest NVIDIA beta driver supports even the bare minimum of features, let alone the most optimal codepaths that will maximeme performance.

But have I tested it there?

I scoff at the implication.

Of course I haven’t. As we all know, zink code works without issues the instant it can be compiled, and the suggestion that any alternative outcome is possible is risible.

So don’t bother reporting bugs.

Written on October 11, 2022