Roundup 20201122

Another Brief Review

This was a (relatively) quiet week in zink-world. Here’s some updates, once more in no particular order:

  • Custom border color support landed
  • Erik wrote and I reviewed a patch that enabled some blitting optimizations but also regressed a number of test cases
    • Oops
  • I wrote and Erik reviewed a series which improved some of the query code but also regressed a number of test cases
    • Oops++
  • The flurry of activity around Quake3 not working on RADV died down as it’s now been suggested that this is not a RADV bug and is instead the result of no developers fully understanding the majesty of RADV’s pipeline barrier implementation
    • Developers around the world stunned by the possibility that they don’t know everything
  • Witold Baryluk has helpfully contributed a truckload of issue tickets for my zink-wip branch after extensive testing on AMD hardware
    • I’ll get to these at some point, I promise

Stay tuned for further updates.

Written on November 22, 2020