March Forward

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate cardio.

Full stop.

I’m not picking up and putting down all these heavy weights just so I can go for a jog afterwards and lose all my gains.

Similarly, I’m not trying to set a world record for speed-writing code. This stuff takes time, and it can’t be rushed.


Lavapipe: The Best Driver

Today we’re a Lavapipe blog.

Lavapipe is, of course, the software implementation of Vulkan that ships with Mesa, originally braindumped directly into the repo by graphics god and part-time Twitter executive, Dave Airlie. For a long time, the Lavapipe meme has been “Try it on Lavapipe—it’s not conformant, but it still works pretty good haha” and we’ve all had a good chuckle at the idea that anything not officially signed and stamped by Khronos could ever draw a single triangle properly.

But, pending a single MR that fixes the four outstanding failures for Vulkan 1.2 conformance, as of last week, Lavapipe passes 100% of conformance tests. Thus, pending a merge and a Mesa bugfix release, Lavapipe will achieve official conformance.

And then we’ll have a new meme: Vulkan 1.3 When?

Meme Over

As some have noticed, I’ve been quietly (very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very quietly) implementing a number of features for Lavapipe over the past week.

But why?

Khronos-fanatics will immediately recognize that these features are all part of Vulkan 1.3.

Which Lavapipe also now supports, pending more merges which I expect to happen early next week.

This is what a sprint looks like.

Written on March 18, 2022