Status Update

A quick break

I’ve been blogging pretty in-depth about Zink and related code for a while, so let’s do a quick roundup with some future blog post spoilers.

I previously talked about these, now they’re merged:

Done but awaiting dependencies before merge:

  • UBO support from last week’s involved blog series
  • Primitive restart which I’ll likely cover in a quick post tomorrow
  • GLSL 1.40 was a variety of misc fixups
  • GL 3.1 depends on the above items, so that’s done
  • Geometry shaders are working about as well as they can after tackling that over the past day or so
  • GLSL 1.50 is at 98% of piglit tests passing (this can’t reach 100% due to architecture limitations)
  • GL 3.2 doesn’t have a milestone, but it’s done (depth clamp, geometry shaders, and GLSL 1.50 were the last remaining items)
  • GL 3.3 needs 3 extensions and the GLSL bump

Also, Antonio Caggiano has dipped a toe into Zink-land and is investigating fixing up some issues we have with depth/stencil buffer operations!


It’s been over a month of daily posts, so again, here are 3 goals for this blog for any recently-joined readers:

  • Document things I/others are doing in Zink and Zink-affecting components
    This is coincidentally the only documentation for some of the mesa APIs that I’m blogging about.
  • Show readers who maybe have strong coding/graphics backgrounds but haven’t done driver development that drivers aren’t some kind of black box code that’s too hard for hobbyists to jump into
  • Also possibly describe some problem-solving strategies and implementation handling that might be useful
Written on July 8, 2020