We Back

Just a quick update today while I dip my toes back into the blogosphere to remind myself that it’s not so scary.

Remember when I blogged about how nice it would be to have a suballocator all those months ago?

Now it’s landed, and it’s nice indeed to have a suballocator.

Remember when everyone wanted GL 4.6 compatibility contexts so they could play Feral ports of their favorite games? zink-wip did that 6 months ago.

What this all means is that it’s more or less open testing season on zink. I’ve already got a sizable number of tickets open for various Steam games based on zink-wip testing, but this is hardly conclusive.

What games work for you?

What games don’t work?

I’m not gonna test them all myself, so get out there and start crashing.

Written on August 18, 2021