The Future Is Nowish

A Long Time Coming

Zink can now run all display platform flavors of Weston (and possibly other compositors?). Expect it in zink-wip later today once it passes another round of my local CI.

Here it is in DRM running weston-simple-egl and weston-simple-dmabuf-egl all on zink:


Under Construction

This has a lot of rough edges, mostly as it relates to X11. In particular:

  • xservers (including xwayland) can’t run because GLAMOR is hard
  • some apps (e.g., Unigine Heaven) randomly get killed by the xserver for unknown reasons
  • if you’re very lucky, you can hit a Vulkan WSI deadlock


I’d go into details on this, but honestly it’s going to be like a week of posts to detail the sheer amount of chainsawing that’s gone into the project.

Stay tuned for that and more next week.

Written on November 12, 2021