To The Nines

Fast Friday

In short, an issue was filed recently about getting the Nine state tracker working with zink.

Was it the first? No..

Was it the first one this year? Yes.

Thus began a minutes-long, helter-skelter sequence of events to get Nine up and running, spread out over the course of a day or two. In need of a skilled finagler knowledgeable in the mysterium of Gallium state trackers, I contacted the only developer I know with a rockstar name, Axel Davy. We set out at dawn, and I strapped on my parachute. It was almost immediately that I heard a familiar call: there’s a build issue.

Next stop was crashing in unimplemented interface methods with a stopover in flailing about wildly in TGSI what even is this before I arrivated at my target:


Ah, glorious triangles.

Written on June 18, 2021