I’ve been meaning to blog for a while.

As per usual.

Finally though, I’m doing it. It’s been a month. Roundup time.


Mesa 22.1 is out, and it has the best zink release of all time. You’ve got features like:

  • kopper
  • kopper
  • kopper

Really not sure I’m getting across how momentous kopper is, but it’s probably the biggest thing to happen to zink since… I don’t know. Threaded context?

B I G.


There’s a lot of bugs in the world. As of now, there’s a lot fewer bugs in zink than there used to be.

How many fewer, you might ask?

Let’s take a gander.

  • 0 GL4.6 CTS fails for lavapipe
  • 0 GL4.6 CTS fails for the new ANV CI job I just added
  • less than 5 GL4.6 CTS fails for RADV
  • this space reserved for NVIDIA, which has bugs in CTS itself and(probably) driver issues, but is still a very low count

In short, conformance submission pending.


This roughly marks 2 years since I started working on zink full-time.



A quick follow-up to the previous post: there was an issue in the initial WGL handling which prevented zink from loading as expected. This is now fixed.

Written on May 19, 2022