Checking In

I keep meaning to blog, but then I get sidetracked by not blogging.

Truly a tough life.

So what’s new in zink-land?

Nothing too exciting. Mostly bug fixes. I managed to sneak ARB_sparse_texture_clamp in for zink just before the branchpoint, so all the sparse texturing features supported by Mesa will be supported by zink. But only on NVIDIA since they’re the only driver that fully supports Vulkan sparse texturing.

The past couple days I’ve been doing some truly awful things with gl_PointSize to try and make this conformant for all possible cases. It’s a real debacle, and I’ll probably post more in-depth about it so everyone can get a good chuckle.

The one unusual part of my daily routine is that I haven’t rebased my testing branch in at least a couple weeks now since I’ve been trying to iron out regressions. Will I find that everything crashes and fails as soon as I do?


More posts to come.

Written on February 2, 2022